A Chipped Tooth: Treatment Options

No matter how hard we strive for good oral health, sometime the worst can happen. In this situation the worst is when trauma happens in the mouth which leads to a cut inside the mouth or worse, a chipped or broken tooth. At Feldmanis Family Dentistry we believe teeth are so important for proper chewing of food, speech and a great smile. What should be done when this happens?

When It Happens

If trauma has occurred, the best thing to do first, especially if you’re bleeding is to call 911 or get to an emergency room as soon as possible. Only trained emergency personnel should be the ones to deal with blood loss and lacerations, even though the dentist has the ability to handle trauma to your teeth. If you have lost a tooth to some sort of trauma, try your best to located the tooth and bring it with you to the clinic. The best way to keep it in good condition is to have it submerged in milk or saliva. Having the tooth in a solution such as this will help slow down the decay and possibly make it salvageable.

If you aren’t bleeding during the trauma yet have a chipped or broken tooth, then it’s probably best to get to a dentist as soon as possible. It’s best to hurry even if your not in pain as there could be an underlying issue that you are unaware of that your dentist will know right away.


Teeth will fracture for a variety of reasons. Some of these are cavities, brittle teeth due to a root canal or pulp treatment, weak enamel as well as trauma that has occurred in the mouth. There may be more damage over time if fracture lines are visible on a chipped tooth. These lines can cause a greater break and most likely pain down the road. The tooth structure is in weakened position when there are fracture lines, and it must be dealt with.
Some of the treatments typically used on broken teeth include tooth filing and reshaping for crown placement, fillings or tooth veneers. If the tooth is badly fractured, an extraction or root canal may be necessary in extreme cases. It shouldn’t be assumed that a tooth can be saved if the tooth has been broken at the gum line.

Filing and reshaping from the dentist are the options for saving teeth that have minimal damage. If the damage was bad enough to the point where you feel pain when you drink or chew on something that is hot or cold, then filing and reshaping are not going to be enough. It may be more involved. The worst thing to do is to postpone or foregoe treatment because this will cause more problems later on due the situation getting worse.

Call the friendly and helpful staff at Feldmanis Family Dentistry immediately if you notice a cracked or broken tooth to set up an appointment. As long as there is no bleeding and no obvious emergency, then dial the dentist first.

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