Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

As an experienced dentist for kids in Eugene, Dr. Feldmanis stresses to parents the importance of kids receiving regular dental care early on as a means of protecting their oral health development. While it might seem unnecessary to focus on a child’s baby teeth since those teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced, receiving dental care from the moment a child’s first tooth emerges with greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay and other complications that could permanently damage a child’s smile.

When a child develops untreated tooth decay in their baby teeth, the resulting damage could require Dr. Feldmanis to remove the decayed tooth permanently to prevent any damage from occurring to neighboring teeth.

If a child loses a tooth at too young an age, it impacts the development of permanent teeth as they begin to form. Why, you ask? Well, baby teeth actually play the role of space holder and work to help guide permanent teeth into position as they begin to form. When a space develops too early in a child’s smile, permanent teeth lose their guide and can form crowded, crooked, or misaligned. The development of permanent teeth that appear crooked or crowded will require orthodontic treatment to correct.

Fortunately, using just a little prevention, parents can help to ensure their kids enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and a great-looking smile. Here are a few tips from our dentist for kids in Eugene that every parent should know about children’s dental care.

When should I schedule my child’s first appointment with a dentist for kids in Eugene?

Both Dr. Feldmanis and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that parents schedule their child’s first dental appointment by the age of one or within three months of the first tooth eruption.

Not only does early dental care help to protect a child’s oral health development, early visits also provide kids the opportunity to feel comfortable with visiting our Eugene dental office. As they grow older, visiting the dentist will no longer feel like a scary experience, making it far easier for kids to receive the care they need comfortably and with less anxiety.

Can a parent accompany a child back to the treatment area during an appointment?

Certainly. While some kids to respond better to treatment after mom or dad have left the room, many kids feel far more comfortable when a parent is by their side during an appointment. Dr. Feldmanis will happily accommodate whatever parents feel is best for their child.

What goes on during a child’s first appointment?

During this initial visit, Dr. Feldmanis will conduct a brief examination in order to determine the current course of a child’s oral health development. Dr. Feldmanis will examine all relevant medical information, provide a child with the chance to meet our friendly staff, have a seat in the dental chair, and generally be encouraged to have as much fun as possible during the entire visit.

If a child appears comfortable and relaxed, Dr. Feldmanis will perform a comprehensive oral health examination. She will also provide parents with tips on the best oral hygiene routines, diets, and nutritional habits that will help to protect a child’s oral health. In most cases, our staff of gentle dental hygienists will complete a dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, and take any dental x-rays that are both necessary and appropriate for the child’s age. However, any and all of these steps can wait if your child appears fussy, uncomfortable, or unhappy during the visit.

How can parents prevent kids from experiencing dental anxiety?

Dr. Feldmanis understands the importance of creating the right dental experience for kids. For many of us, learning to fear the dentist started at a young age, becoming a phobia we carried on into adulthood. It’s important that kids grow up comfortable with the dentist to prevent a lifetime of dental anxiety from acting as a barrier to receiving the type of care needed to enjoy quality oral health.

Kids experience a lot of unknowns when first visiting a dentist, including the new environments, sights, and sounds. Even with a parent by their side, a child can still feel nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable during an appointment to see Dr. Feldmanis.

To help make your child’s visit a comfortable one, our team is highly trained to make the appointment as stress-free and relaxing as possible. From greeting your child with a warm smile to always ensuring his or her comfort throughout the appointment, our team will always make your child our top priority.


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