Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Dealing with Dental Anxiety

If you dread visiting Eugene dentist Dr. Feldmanis, she wants you to know that you’re not alone. The American Dental Association estimates that up to 50 percent of all adults in the U.S. experience some level of dental anxiety. Extreme dental phobia can cause patients to avoid dental care, even when in pain. General dental anxiety can cause patients to avoid visiting a dentist for routine cleanings and exams, increasing their risk of developing more serious dental problems in the future.

Fortunately, you can work through dental anxiety to make visiting our family dentistry in Eugene a more pleasant experience. Dr. Feldmanis can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious about receiving the dental care you need to look and feel your best. Let’s look at a few techniques you can use to eliminate dental anxiety.

Talk About Your Anxiety

Patients feeling anxious about dental care is something that all dentists understand, and they want to know about your feelings early on. Dr. Feldmanis wants to hear about any anxious feelings you may have, and she’d like to hear about your preferred method for getting through an appointment.

Some patients feel better if they know exactly what’s going to happen throughout the appointment so they can better maintain a sense of control. Other patients may prefer to stay distracted by listening to music or watching videos so they don’t focus on what’s happening. Whatever technique works best for you, Dr. Feldmanis can accommodate to make your experience more pleasant.

Feel Free to Ask Questions

Asking questions provides information on why your oral health matters and what steps Dr. Feldmanis will take during your appointment. Knowing what to expect can help ease any feelings of anxiety and make your visit less stressful. Understanding the important role regular dental care plays in protecting your oral health may give you a sense of urgency, making receiving dental care less uncomfortable.

Find a Distraction

If finding your bliss means distracting yourself during an appointment at our family dentistry in Eugene, Dr. Feldmanis says go for it. Wearing AirPods during your appointment can provide a helpful distraction by listening to soothing music, a favorite podcast, or an entertaining audiobook. Bringing a stress ball to your appointment can give you something to work out any anxiety, and a blanket can provide additional comfort by keeping you warm and secure.

Ask a Family Member or Friend to Drive You

Having a loved one along on the way to your appointment can provide a needed sense of normalcy and relief. While your companion cannot join you for the duration of your visit, knowing that a friendly face will be waiting for you at the end of your appointment can help to alleviate some of the anxiety a trip to the dentist usually causes.

Medicate Before Your Appointment

If you have been prescribed medication that helps you better deal with anxiety, try taking it before arriving for your appointment. Just make sure to tell Dr. Feldmanis what you’ve taken so that she is fully aware of your current medical state.


Your oral health matters. Failing to receive needed dental care due to feelings of anxiety places the future of your oral health in jeopardy. Don’t let your oral health suffer. Contact our office today to learn more about what steps you can take to help prevent dental anxiety so you can receive the care you need.



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