How Drinking Water Protects Your Smile

How Drinking Water Protects Your Smile

At Feldmanis Family Dentistry, Eugene dentist Dr. Rita Feldmanis and her experienced staff often encourage patients to drink plenty of water while minimizing how many sugary beverages they consume. This is because drinking water is vital to maintaining good oral health, just like regular brushing and flossing. In fact, drinking water regularly throughout the day is a great way to protect your teeth. Read on to learn more.


Water Cleans Your Mouth

Next time you eat a meal or snack, wash it down with water instead of a sugary beverage, such as soda, fruit juice or a sports drink. Unlike water, these beverages often leave unwanted sugars behind, which your mouth’s cavity-causing bacteria loves to eat. Water, by contrast, will rinse your mouth clean as well as dilute the acids produced by the harmful bacteria in your mouth. 


Water Stops Dry Mouth

Not drinking enough water can lead to a condition called dry mouth – this is when your body doesn’t produce enough saliva to keep your mouth properly moistened. Saliva is made up of 99% water, so drinking it is the easiest – and best – way to keep your production up. Why is saliva so important, you may ask? Not only does it remineralize your teeth with calcium, phosphate and fluoride, it also washes away the harmful bacteria that release acids on your dental enamel and wear down your teeth.


Water Freshens Your Breath

Did you know that food residue and the bacteria in your mouth are the primary source of bad breath? Drinking water after meals is an excellent way to wash away those odor-causing particles. That said, it’s important to note that drinking water isn’t a substitute for proper brushing, flossing and tongue brushing, which are all critical to fighting bad breath. If you do all these things and bad breath persists, you should make an appointment to see Dr. Feldmanis right away.


Water Keeps Your Smile Bright

Coffee, red wine, curry, tomato sauce and berries – these are just a few examples of foods and beverages that can stain your teeth over time. However, by drinking water between bites or sips, you can wash away any residue before it has a chance to stain the surface of your teeth.


If you’re unsure about your water intake, we can discuss it during your upcoming dental visit. Schedule your appointment today with Feldmanis Family Dentistry in Eugene.

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