Top Thanksgiving Foods to Be Thankful For – A Dentist’s Perspective

Here at Feldmanins Family Dentistry we are thrilled the Thanksgiving holiday is coming. We are thankful for all of our wonderful patients and your beautiful smiles. We are grateful for the wonderful advances in health technology that allow us to give you the best care possible, and we are thankful for each other as we work together to create a compassionate environment for oral health care.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we have put together a list of foods to be thankful for because they can improve your oral health.

Protein Rich Foods
Thanksgiving is full of good tasting foods, but some of them can be covered in fat and butter. We suggest you choose healthy foods that will be good for your smile. Foods that are rich in protein, such as turkey, gravy and leafy greens. These types of food will help improve the quality of your smile. Picking high protein foods will help strengthen your bones and teeth. A diet rich in protein can help you in a myriad of ways. Studies show it can improve mental clarity as well. This Thanksgiving there is no need to overeat or stuff yourself on fattening foods, instead pick foods that are high in protein and you will be smiling well into the new year.

Calcium is in milk and other dairy products, and it is something we love, but we also have patients who are vegan and they don’t drink dairy milk. Calcium is found in many other alternatives and we think they are all great for your smile. Coconut milk, rice milk and even soy milk are fantastic alternatives to regular dairy milk. Calcium helps improve the quality of your bones and teeth. It can strengthen the enamel. This thanksgiving you can enjoy foods that are baked and cooked with dairy. Your teeth will thank you in the long run for the added calcium boost.

We love water because it is so good for your body and your smile. We tell patients to drink more water when they ask us how they can improve their oral health. Water helps stimulate salvia flow, which can remove unwanted bacteria in the mouth. This can decrease the potential for cavities build up. If you want to feel better this holiday season drink more water.
Here at Feldmanins Family Dentistry, your Eugene, OR kids dentist of choice, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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