Best and Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Here at Feldmanis Family Dentistry, your family dentist in Eugene, Oregon we have patients who ask us what type of food is best for their teeth. We love this question because it shows our patients are thinking about their health.

Even if you don’t go on regular diets, the food you eat can have an impact on your health. There are many foods that you can eat, that can improve your health, your smile and your brain. The type of food to eat for long-term health success is food that is good for your brain. Eating a brain healthy diet will help you feel better, no matter what age you are. You can improve your teeth and memory by eating these fresh foods.

Blueberries: Blueberries can help you improve your memory. They can also help you balance your coordination. Blueberries will help you feel better and you can put them in smoothies or sprinkle them in your cereal for an added bonus.
Know that dark fruits, such as blackberries, cherries and the blueberry, all have dark pigments. These deep blacks, reds, and blues can permeate enamel and stain your teeth. However eating strawberries can actually brighten your smile because of the malic acid they contain.

Eat Healthy Fat: This would be olive oil, avocados, nuts, specific seeds, peanut butter and even some fish. Don’t eat bad fats such as dried coconuts, butter, animal fat, and milk chocolate, this can add to your waistline and decrease your ability to have a clear mind.

According to Weston Price’s research on re-mineralizing teeth, peanut butter removes minerals from the body and causes tooth decay
Following these simple steps will help you improve your concentration and decrease your stress levels.

Coffee: Many people say coffee is bad for you. Research proves it can help you improve your brain function. So this is good news for all you coffee lovers; A study that was recently done in Europe demonstrated that men who drink coffee on a regular basis show an improvement in memory from those that did not drink any coffee.

This means the drinking a cup of Joe can help improve your brain function. It’s exciting news for those of you who love coffee. If possible, avoid adding sugar and cream.

Coffee can stain your teeth especially if you drink it regularly. As people age, their teeth will turn yellow or brown. Visit your dentist for teeth whitening opportunities or you can use an over-the-counter method that is sold at the pharmacy. Whitening your teeth is a great way to build your confidence and prevent more damage from foods and beverages.

Brush your teeth and floss. Taking care of your teeth is important especially for long-term health. When you brush your teeth and floss every day you will feel better and be healthier.

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